A Scandinavian Design

Welcome to our universe of completely unique and raw jewellery – all handmade and of the finest quality. Welcome to Njord Jewels.


Customize your own jewellery

Njord Jewels are happy to handmake customized jewellery. Contact us to hear more about how the jewellery of your dreams can become a reality. 

The story

Njord Jewels is a Danish jewellery company which was founded by the two brothers, Rasmus & Jakob Kleist Laursen. They have always had a great compassion and fascination in the art of making fine jewellery.

The name ‘Njord’ descents from Old Norse and refers to the old God called Njörðr who was believed to bring fertility and prosperity.

The company is based in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, which is in the very heart of Scandinavia; a great inspiration for the brothers when they are designing the Njord Jewels.

The story behind Njord Jewels derives from an idea of ​​creating a universe of unique and raw jewellery of the highest quality, inspired by the fantastic and enchanting Scandinavian winter and the brothers’ Nordic roots.

Like a snowflake in the Scandinavian winter that forms its very own special pattern, a parallel can be drawn to Njord Jewels’ jewellery, all of which are completely one of a kind.

It is a great virtue for Rasmus & Jakob that only the best materials are good enough for the carefully handmade pieces of Njord Jewels’ collection.

Njord Jewels represents the beauty of being unique. Each piece of jewellery from Njord Jewels, like every human being, is unique and extraordinary in its own way – which is a quality that deserves to be honored, celebrated and treasured.